Sellers’ Guide


Dedicated to easing our seller’s burden as much as possible Custom Moves Real Estate agents will be right by your side to guide and assist you throughout the process selling your home. Below is a brief overview of our action plan.

What to expect when you are selling your home with Custom Moves Real Estate Services


We Will do the Following:

Provide our friendly and professional responsibilities to you.
Which includes complete disclosure, loyalty, confidentiality, obedience and accountability!
Help you determine the best asking price.
Setting the right price for your property is a delicate balancing act. Aim too high and your home might sit on the market for months, and possibly not sell at all. Price it too low and you miss the potential for a more lucrative outcome.
Place our colorful and eye-catching Custom Moves Real Estate For Sale sign in your front yard to draw attention and help buyers locate your home.
A lot of buyers drive around neighborhoods they want to live in. This is a great opportunity to grab this buyer and bring them to your house!
Extensively advertise and market your home.
We will market your home not only on the local MLS (multiple listing Service) but also through many popular online search sites as well as our very own website!
Offer expert advice on ways to prepare and show your property.
Staging, de-cluttering and depersonalizing your home can be key to finding the right buyer.  We will give you ideas / pointers and help you in any way possible including, if necessary, finding any home-related services you may need.
Provide feedback from all showings and open houses.
We will promptly share all feed back received to keep you informed of what possible buyers are saying
Be available to help pre-qualify potential buyers.
We will ensure that all buyers making an offer have been pre-qualified by a licensed mortgage lender or other proof provided or their ability to purchase the property.
Promptly present and evaluate each offer with you.
We will go over all offers with you in detail showing you all the costs/fees involved, the timelines and how they affect you and your bottom line. At which point we will negotiate the highest possible price and best terms in partnership with you.
Manage all contractual, title and transaction details.
We will ensure that all contracts and related documents are signed and delivered promptly in accordance to the contract timelines. We will Order title work and help schedule all inspections and follow ups as necessary. We will make sure everything is completed and documented throughout the entire process keeping you informed at each and every step! Thank you for choosing to list your home with Custom Moves Real Estate Services!